Tile Matching

Colour Matching and Custom Roof Tile Matching in Melbourne

As more and more homeowners in Melbourne are renovating and extending their homes, matching old roof tiles with new roof tiles has become a common concern. Home extension and renovation work should seamlessly fit in with the existing structure and look like it has always been a part of the property. Matching old roof tiles with new tiles can greatly increase both the value and the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

At Pitcher Perfect Roofing, we can provide homeowners across Melbourne with our expert roof tile matching service for terracotta, solar, metal, and concrete roof tiles, and we can do the same for you.



Tile Colour Matching


Tile colour matching is an important part of the roof tile matching process, as there are many tile colour variations out there. There are countless shades and gradations to consider during the tile colour matching process to ensure the overall appearance of your roof is consistent and aesthetically appealing. Our experienced tiling contractor will ensure that the colour of your old and new tiles will match.


Tiling Materials


Tiles can be made from various materials, including concrete, terracotta, slate, metal, solar and others. All these materials look and function differently from one another, meaning you cannot install one type of tile with another. If you do so, your roof can be visually unappealing or installed unevenly, leading to leaks and energy efficiency issues.

The same materials must be used when matching old roof tiles with new ones. A new roof installation may be the best course of action if the original material is going to cost too much or be too difficult to replace.

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Australian owned and operated

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30 year experiance

Over 30 years experience

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10 year workmanship warranty

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24/7 Emergency Repairs and leak detection

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Fast response & quotes

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Guaranteed completion dates

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How We Work



Our roofing specialist will physically inspect the roof and roof structure to determine the damage and scope of work required


Detailed Proposal

A comprehensive report will be provided with images, the work required, materials needed and time lines


Repairs / Restorations

A roof repair, replacement or restoration will be completed in accordance with Australian roofing standards using high quality materials and expert workmanship


Final Inspection

Once the work has been completed, the entire site will be cleaned and repairs will be inspected to ensure the repairs hold against the elements

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