Roof Drain Cleanout

Roof Drain Cleanout Services in Melbourne


Pitcher Perfect Roofing is available to provide professional roof drain cleanout services to prevent your property from incurring any downpipe and drainpipe blockage related damage. If your property does not get a roof drain cleanout, this can result in debris and rainwater damage that can be expensive to repair. 

What Happens if a Roof Drainpipe Experiences Blockage?


Drainpipe and downpipe blockage can cause your roof to flood, which can be quite easy to miss. Flooded rooftops can cause water leakage elsewhere around the house, and possibly even eventually cause your roof to collapse. Therefore,it is imperative to have someone conduct a roof drain cleanout when possible to ensure there is no blockage or flooding caused by rainwater.


Heavy exposure to rainwater can cause caulking, tar, and roofing cement to deteriorate, as well as affect air conditioners, skylights, ventilation, chimneys and other features that are connected to the roof. The added weight of rainwater can also impact the structural support of the roof. This water may freeze during winter, which can cause water damage and become a safety hazard. Moss and slime may also start growing, and it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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Australian owned and operated

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30 year experiance

Over 30 years experience

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10 year workmanship warranty


10 year workmanship warranty

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24/7 Emergency Repairs and leak detection

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Fast response & quotes

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Fast response & quotes

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Guaranteed completion dates

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How We Work



Our roofing specialist will physically inspect the roof and roof structure to determine the damage and scope of work required


Detailed Proposal

A comprehensive report will be provided with images, the work required, materials needed and time lines


Repairs / Restorations

A roof repair, replacement or restoration will be completed in accordance with Australian roofing standards using high quality materials and expert workmanship


Final Inspection

Once the work has been completed, the entire site will be cleaned and repairs will be inspected to ensure the repairs hold against the elements

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