Roof Assessments

Roof Assessments Roof Damage Assessment Services in Melbourne Are you a residential or commercial property owner who has noticed minor or major signs of wear and tear in your roof? At Pitcher Perfect Roofing, we can provide comprehensive and accurate roof damage assessment services. Our highly skilled team can visit your building to identify any […]

Roof surveys

Roof surveys Roof Survey Services in Melbourne Are you unsure about the condition of your metal or flat roof? Are you in the process of buying new property that hasn’t had a roof survey conducted for it? You should hire qualified roofing surveyors in Melbourne who are trained and licensed to carry out detailed assessments […]

Roof Reports

Roof Reports Roof Assessment Report Services in Melbourne When you get the condition of your roof assessed by a qualified roof inspector, it’s important to be provided with a detailed and accurate breakdown of all issues so that you know exactly what needs to be done and how to prioritise them. At Pitcher Perfect Roofing, […]

Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections Comprehensive Roof Inspection Services in Melbourne The important role a roof plays in ensuring the structural stability of any building should never be underestimated. Damage to roofing due to falling debris, exposure to the elements or simple wear and tear over time can compromise the safety and integrity of the building. Both minor […]


Flashing Expert Roof Flashing Services in Melbourne Pitcher Perfect Roofing offers both installation and repair services for all roof flashing types, including metal, tile, cover, chimney, and corrugated roof flashings. Our roof plumber has over 30 years of experience with all types of roofing, including flat roof and patio roof work, allowing us to fix […]


Fascia Roof Fascia Services in Melbourne For over 30 years, Pitcher Perfect Roofing has been installing roof fascia covers on Melbourne homes and offices. We have satisfied many happy customers who wanted to improve their property’s appearance, and we can do the same for your property. If there is an unsightly gap between the roof […]

Rain Heads

Rain Heads Custom Roofing Rain heads in Melbourne Pitcher Perfect Roofing can manufacture custom rain heads as per your specifications, or you can choose from our wide selection of standard styles suitable for residential and commercial buildings. Each of our custom rain heads is available in an endless range of sizes, finishes and materials, such […]


Downpipes Professional Downpipe Installation & Downpipe Repair in Melbourne Pitcher Perfect Roofing provides expert custom fabrication downpipe installation and downpipe replacement services across Melbourne at the best prices available. Our downpipes are made with materials from leading brands such as Colorbond, Ace Gutters, Blue Scope and BHP. With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of […]

Box Gutters and Sumps

Box Gutters and Sumps Box Guttering System Design & Installation in Melbourne Box gutters are a necessary part of roofing structures to ensure that the water at any commercial or residential property flows properly, protecting the roof cavity from flooding. Many buildings experience leaks due to either a box gutter design being poorly placed during […]


Guttering Expert Roof Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne Pitcher Perfect Roofing offers professional roof and gutter repair and cleaning services, ranging from full roof gutter replacement to minor repair work and much more. We have also assisted with Ace Gutters, Blue Scope, BHP and Colorbond roof guttering installations on residential home and commercial office buildings across […]